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Although global and multinational companies do have overlapping business models, the difference lies in the management and operational levels. Operating as a global company IBM often strives for a higher degree of standardization across their operations. They seek to establish uniformity in products, branding, and business processes to achieve economies of scale and present a consistent image to customers worldwide. On the other hand, multinational companies (like Coca-Cola) may adjust their products, marketing strategies, and business practices to suit the preferences and requirements of individual countries.
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Global Key-phrase Shortfall Analysis

We conducted a global key-phrase audit to guide SEO optimization and enhance organic rankings. Across the board, IBM pages consistently appear in a significantly higher number of keyphrase searches in the US compared to their global counterparts.

Example of Onsite Optimization Process

The image above showcases the range of optimization opportunities we tackled for IBM, covering issues like duplicate title tags, internal broken links, duplicate meta descriptions, lengthy title tags, and schema optimization.

Onsite Content Analysis

IBM assigned us 29 URLs in 9 languages. Those languages included English, Spanish (Castilian), Portuguese (Brazilian), French, Italian, German, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, and Japanese.  

Our analysis identified many content changes that would greatly increase SEO performance in addition to demand-gen experience support. For example in the video above we identified and reported multiple grammatical and translation errors along with broken links existing on the live page we had audited.

Increase Organic Traffic by Targeting Personas

To support organic traffic we developed multiple personas for each of the languages / locations so that content could be developed with an intended audience in mind.

Through our extensive audit process it was clear that IBM could benefit from revisiting buyer personas for the purpose of benefiting demand gen as well as the foundation for our internal education program. 

Codify an Education Action Plan That is Global First

IBM is a global-first organization. From an execution perspective there is a need for understanding how this translates into creating global-first content. This offers the opportunity to educate creators and global leadership teams to learn and adopt this mindset. Ecosystem-oriented businesses typically start with customers—how do we create more value for customers?

For example, content creators need to be positioned upstream in the process equipped with detailed personas to bring the target audience to life. Having established a multimedia education plan, we provided IBM with e-learning modules, webinars, QA checklists, educational videos, infographics and podcasts.


Page performance issues


Of IBM's search ratio is English specific, supporting the notion that there is room for improvement on a global level.
Our Audit Revealed