86% completion rate

Gamification to bring the whole person center stage

Delighting the end user to learn about themselves while delivering meaningful whole person insights, a real give/get experience. Through all of our iterations and focus groups, our Card Sort experience has enjoyed a greater than 80% completion rate. In the instance of Humana, it enjoyed an 86% completion rate.


88% of testers reported very compelling

Gain valuable personalized insights

Bubbles is another innovation from McClennan Group that helps gather whole person data in one simple pinch and zoom experience, many applications for this type of insight generation.

We helped a Large Investment Company quantify the product feasibility, viability and desirability for a custom indexing product leveraging its brand equity—setting the stage for build/buy analysis.

White Papers & Thought Leadership


An in depth 5 part white paper about our innovative technology, Goodlife.
coming soon

New Life Curve

A white paper about a new stage in aging, we are calling this change the New Life Curve.
coming soon

New Life Curve Presentation

A presentation to support our qualitative findings about the New Life Curve.
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For Every Innovator

A hands-on guide that demystifies the process of digital innovation, distilling it down to seven straightforward steps.
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Book cover Innovators Anonymous - Seven steps to get your product off the ground